Boat Licencing & Registration Proceedure


The St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association (SFBRHOA) entered into an agreement with the Kouga Local Municipality (KLM) in 2006 whereby the SFBRHOA assumed the responsibility to maintain and manage the waterways and canal infrastructure on behalf of the KLM.

The SFBRHOA are committed to ensure that the waterways and canal infrastructure are maintained and upgraded such that infrastructure is sustainable, safe and conforms to the relevant KLM bylaws and regulations.

Noting the above if any new canal infrastructure (canal wall / jetty / slipway / etc.) is to be installed or existing infrastructure maintained / changed / replaced / the SFBRHOA require the submission of a dimensioned layout for approval.

The layout should include –

  • surveyed erf boundary on the canal
  • canal infrastructure existing and proposed
  • jetty infrastructure existing and proposed
  • slipway existing and proposed (if applicable)

The required information can be delivered to the riparian offices located in the small craft harbour located at 15 La Digue Place for the attention of Craig Northwood (cell 082 5663646) or e-mailed to [email protected]

Dredging Update : A new longer-lasting and more cost effective water cooled motor has been fitted on the dredger to replace the old air cooled motor. The new motor is quieter and will require less maintenance. This more efficient motor will enable the Canal dredging team increase dredging output.