Kromme Enviro-trust

The St Francis Kromme Enviro-Trust is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO reference number 930038246) concerned with environmental issues in the greater St Francis area.

The Trust was established in 1981 by a committee of volunteers headed by Lindy Pagden and 35 years on and the St Francis Kromme Enviro-Trust’s role is just as vital now as when it was formed.


  • to encourage and promote environmental awareness in the Greater St Francis area
  • to preserve and protect the environment and amenities for the benefit of future generations
  • to encourage the preservation of all flora and fauna, shell-fish, sea life and bird life in the area, and the appropriate use of Public Open Space, coastal areas and nature reserves

St Francis Bay (SFB) is situated in the Eastern Cape, South Africa about an hour and a half’s drive south of Port Elizabeth. Surfers the world over know SFB as the home of the “perfect wave” Bruce’s Beauties.

What makes Greater St Francis unique?

  • Botanically we fall within the Cape Floral Kingdom, and our unique vegetation in this area is referred to as St Francis Fynbos / Thicket Mosaic.
    • The Cape Floral Kingdom into which we fall is the smallest of the Earth’s six Cape Floral Kingdoms –home to 9000 plant species, 70% of which grow nowhere else in the world.
  • We lie at the mouth of the Kromme River estuary. Tides expose and cover the large sand bank twice a day.
  • St Francis is flanked by the Oyster Bay Dunefield, one of the finest examples in the world of a by-pass headland dune system. The headland dune system contains Late Stone Age middens and Middle Stone Age artefacts.
  • The Sand River flows through the Oyster Bay Dunefield.