More news on the proposed SRA

Several articles on the proposed Special Rates Area for St Francis along with comments have been posted on an daily newsletter. St Francis Today. These articles and the comments are précised below. To read more click o READ MORE link of each article.

A reader’s plea to support the SRA

With the Saving St Francis SRA vote dominating local news, St Francis Today invites all input, both FOR and AGAINST the SRA. It is important for all property owners to cast their vote for we live in a democracy and the final outcome of the vote must represent the ‘will of the community’ as a whole. We, St Francis Today, encourage all comment, be it a letter showing support or, as importantly, ideas or suggestions on the proposed SRA or alternatives to it.

Check your vote has been recorded

To ensure no votes go astray, St Francis Property Owners have put up a useful page on their website where you can check your vote and make sure your vote has been received and registered.

Readers make comment on SRA

The purpose of some articles published on St Francis Today is sometimes to encourage dialogue and hopefully illicit comment from readers and nothing gives us greater joy than when readers comment, whether agreeing or disagreeing!

The Proposed SRA is not unlike a Medical Aid!

There are no doubt some St Francis Property Owners are still sitting on the fence the with regard to the SRA (Special Rates Area) as proposed by St Francis Property Owners at their AGM in December. And no doubt there are others who are, and quite verbally so, totally against the concept.

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