About St Francis Bay Canals

Riparian Membership

Any person who is the registered owner of a property bordering the canal system will be a member of the Association. No other person is entitled to be a member of the Association. Where two or more persons are registered as the owners of a property bordering the Canal system then the registered owners of that property are deemed to be one Member of the Association. When a Member ceases to be the registered owner of a property then he shall cease to be a member of the Association. All Members of the Association must agree to the riparian rules and regulations and the Memorandum of Incorporation and the Articles of Association as contained in this website.

Each Riparian member is responsible for the maintenance of his own privately owned jetty, beach and Canal wall and the Association may require that any jetties, beaches and Canal walls being constructed are approved and supervised by the Association to ensure that the rules are complied with and that all work performed is done “in a proper and workmanlike manner”.



The Association is managed by a board of directors who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The board of directors is responsible for the management of the Canal system including but not restricted to the following:

  • Dredging to maintain a navigable depth throughout the Canal network.
  • Management and maintenance of jetties situated in the two boat harbours adjacent to La Digue Place and Shore Road.
  • Inspection of privately owned jetties and Canal walls to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Maintenance of public open space bordering the Canals.
  • Facilitating the enforcement of boating and general regulations on the Canals.
  • The monitoring and preservation of the Canal environment including the right to control the design, erection, placement, materials and construction of jetties and Canal walls within the waterways.
  • The determination and control of access to the Canal system.
  • Revenue collection for boat registrations and mooring rentals on behalf of the Kouga Municipality.

The Association is funded by the Riparian Levy, Canal boat licences and mooring rentals. The expenditure of and accounting for monies and other administrative matters is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Association.