Commercial Registered Vessels

17 July 2019
Both the St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association (SFBRHOA) and the Kromme Joint River Committee (KJRC) are acting as agents for the Municipality in terms of the MOA’s entered into with the Municipality. As such, both entities have the right to grant such permission as specified in the Municipal By-Law which states the following:

“No commercially registered vessels or vessels used for commercial purposes or vessels exceeding 6,6 metres (21,65ft) in overall length will be allowed on the River or Canals without the written permission of the Municipality or its agents”.

Canal and River permits are being issued at the Small Harbour Office by the Riparians. All applications for a Canal and/or River permit for boats with a length in excess of 6,6m must be submitted for consideration and approval to the Riparians for a Canal permit and also to the KJRC (Naas Marais) for consideration and approval on behalf of the KJRC for a River permit to be issued.

The staff at the Harbour Office will refer applicants to the relevant By-Law and point out that same is in fact also recorded on the back of the registration form as part of the abbreviated summary of Kouga Municipality By Law 284-2006 dealing with specific provisions relating to the Rivers (Kromme, Geelhout and Gamtoos) and the St Francis Bay Canals.

Kind Regards
St Francis Bay Riparian Home Owners Association & Kromme Joint River Committee

Procedure re Commercial River Permits