St Francis Bay Riparian HOA Membership Information:

Membership of the Association is restricted to owners of property riparian to the canal system. If property ownership is changed in any way, the new or part owner must agree to the riparian rules.

The full Memorandum of Incorporation and the Articles of Association are contained within this website, but, in summary, the purpose of the SFBRHOA is to make rules and / or restrictions which include:

  • the operation of craft on the waterways;
  • the use and maintenance of jetties;
  • the preservation of the environment including the right to control the design, erection, placement, materials and construction of jetties within the waterways, whether on or within the boundaries of any erf;
  • the conduct of any persons making use of the waterways system and the prevention of any nuisance of any nature;
  • the determination and control of all security measures on the waterways;
  • the determination and control of access to and egress to the waterways system.

Each member of the Association is responsible for the maintenance of his own privately owned jetty, beach and canal wall. However, the SFBRHOA may require that any jetties being constructed are approved and supervised by the Association to ensure that the rules are complied with and that all work performed is done “in a proper and workmanlike manner”.

The Association is funded by boat licences, jetty rentals and the riparian levy, the latter of which is collected via the Kouga Municipality (which remains responsible for all property / land which is not privately-owned within the general borders of the riparian area). The expenditure of and accounting for monies and other administrative matters is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Association, who are elected by the members at the Annual General Meetings of the SFBRHOA.

The Association has the right to enforce their approved rules. Any costs involved in such enforcement may be debited to the member or person responsible for the breach, if found guilty.