Boat licencing and registration procedure

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Canal Licences, River Licences & Moorings

Below are costs for canal licences, river licences and mooring charges.



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CANAL LICENCES                                                                                                  VAT In

  • Full Year (non-riparian member)                                                               R 1,978.00
  • Full Year (Riparian member for boats in addition to first free boat)           R 1,724.00
  • Commercial Full Year (non-riparian member)                                           R 4,350.00
  • Commercial Full Year (Riparian member)                                                 R 3,447.00


  • One Day                R    212.00
  • Seven Days           R1,378.00


  • River Full Year           Commercial            Multi river                          Single river
  • Up to 15hp                     R    560                  R    680                            R    450
  • 16hp to 120hp                R 1,100                  R    950                            R    720
  • Greater than 120hp        R 1,820                  R 1,330                            R 1,100
  • Per 7 days or less (all hp’s) R    175


  • Full Year (1st July 2021 to 30thJune 2022)                                          R 7,537
  • ½ Year (1st July 2021 to 31st December 2021)                                    R 5,528
  • ½ Year (1st January 2022 to 30th June 2022)                                      R 5,528
  • Per Calendar Month                                                                              R 3,151

Available from the Canal Harbour Office Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm.

Contact details
Canal Harbour Office                   042 294 0079 or 0636964906 or
Kromme River Office                   083 696 4906  or


  1. COF is required for all boats with an engine in excess of 15hp and for all Jet Skis.
  2. All boats & jet skis must travel at NO WAKE SPEED in the canals. (No wake speed means the speed that a boat or jet ski travels without causing a wake or wave in the water)
  3. Proof and copy of ID is required for all boat licences.
  4. Proof of residence (Kouga Municipal account) and ID is required for all Riparian Levy Owners free and discounted boat licences.

Canal Office  –  042 294 0079 or  063 696 4906

Kromme River – Nicholas Windvogel  –  073 871 9252

Instructions for completing the licence form

  1. Download the attached Excel fileBoat Registration form 2020-21.xlsx
  2. Enter your information into blocks A, B, C, D
  3. Phone the office on 0636964906 during normal office hours to confirm what fees to enter in block E
  4. Save the file to your computer
  5. Email the completed file to

Payment and collection of licence stickers

  • Payment can be by
  • 1.1.      EFT to St Francis Riparian Home Owners, Nedbank account number 1190831279, use your name as entered on the form as your reference, email proof of payment to
  • 1.2.      Debit or credit card at the canal harbour office during normal office hours.
  1. Collect your license stickers from the office during normal office hours. You will require the following when collecting a licence:
  2. A valid COF
  3. Copy of ID
  4. Proof of residence (Kouga Municipal account) for Riparian Levy Owners free and discounted boat licences.
  5. Proof of payment

Programming of the gate opening tags

Gate opening tags will be reprogrammed at the canal harbour office when your licence and/or mooring is issued.

New tags are available if required. The new tag cost is R40 and payable at the canal harbour office by debit or credit card.

KJRC Request re permit for boats in excess of 6.6m

  1. Apply to the KJRC ( for an exemption letter for the boat with a length in excess of 6.6m. Provide the KJRC with a copy of the COF.
  2. Boats over 6.6m which were licensed from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020 for the Kromme River will be allowed to licence for the Kromme River from 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021 providing they are in possession of a KJRC exemption letter.
  3. New boats over 6.6m which have not previously been licensed for the Kromme River will not be allowed to license for the Kromme River.

Licence and mooring applications are also available directly from the canal harbour office providing it is COVID-19 safe.

Please respect the sanitation and social distancing measures in place.

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