Fire Boat for St Francis Bay Canals

December 2012 was marked by a devastating fire that razed 76 homes to the ground and seriously affected dozens more. Arising from this disaster, the Association purchased and mounted a small but powerful fire pump with 50 metres of hose onto one of their two canal patrol boats. This fire boat is designed to pump water directly from the canals onto the roofs and lands of Riparian homes.

All the work that went into this task, from fitting the pump onto the boat (which required the fabrication of pipework to create a frame to hold the pump and the engine assembly, as well as the fitting of a glass hull mounting to hold the pump set), to modifying the deck, bulkheads and the cabin was done by Riparians, using their own time, expertise and equipment.

Once the equipment was operational the Humansdorp Fire Department trained the crews who man the boat in the event of another emergency. The overall operation of the boat continues to be financed by the Association.