Dredging of Canals

Access to the inland waterways by both the Kromme River and the tidal action of the sea is of crucial importance, not just so that craft can move in and out of the inland waterways, but also so that the ebb and flow of tidal water, which keeps the ecology of the estuarine environment in a naturally healthy state, can flush the riparian system.

The proper dredging of the canals has been a large focus of the Association’s efforts ever since its inception in 2006.

Dredging was initially done independently or outsourced to contractors.  However, as the canal system expanded to accommodate a burgeoning market for riparian property, it meant that the volumes of silt that needed to be dredged increased.  In December 2010 a decision was made at the AGM by the Riparians to build a fit-for-purpose dredger.

The tender process and then the actual building of the dredger was stopped by the flood of 7 July 2011, so a number of the Riparians decided to step in and finish the job themselves.

This new, big dredger, made for and by the Riparians themselves was commissioned in February 2012.  At the same time the purchase of another, smaller dredger was also agreed upon.

Since then the big dredger has operated mainly at the mouth of the two main access points of the river and sea to the canals, ie at the entrance to Ski Canal and at the Cove, whilst the smaller, more mobile dredger has been used to dredge within the canals.